Our Vision

To make use of our expertise in the field of research, to assist non-profit organizations, to improve effectiveness of interventions and evaluations and to develop new perspective and approach to methodologies in the Indian context.

About Us

A Trust registered in 1985 by a group of women who saw the need for focused, practical research and training and communication for the non-profit sector.  Shakti has always explored areas that need to be researched and also talked about.

The initial focus has been on Women and Health issues. A few themes researched- “Who Determines Women’s Health: The Social Trap”; “Campaign against Amniocentesis”; “Occupational Health Hazards of Self-employed Women”; “Blind Spot in Health Policy” “Ill health, Early death-Women’s Destiny?”  These were major contributions to developing a perspective and network of women health activists in India.

Shakti was one of the first to do sexual behaviour studies when India starting talking about HIV/AIDS.   Networking has been Shakti’s strengths. Starting with women’s health issues it enlarged its scope to do research, training and networking with those working on a variety of issues with different perspectives.

Times have changed radically in the past decade. With the internet and technology at our finger tips, Shakti hopes to explore new ways of doing research.

Recognising the importance of engaging especially the youth in the development debate- sustainability, alternative technologies, livelihoods development. Shakti is in the process of developing projects to attract girl students/interns to be part of monitoring and implementing of various government policies in India today.  At Shakti, it has always been about empowering women through new and innovative programmes and it will continue to be focus as well as of our concern to us.

In addition, Shakti wishes to continue its focus on consultancy skills of design of all aspects of research and communication of results and provide the same to anyone who would look to research interesting, innovative and —areas of debate and discussion.

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Team @ Shakti

(Ms.) Mirra Savara (Ph.D)

  • Over 25 Years Of Experience In Research, Writing, Teaching And Communications
  • Experience With Volunteers, Social Development, And Community Organizations
  • Conducted Training Programmes For Corporate And Educational Institutions On Health, Gender, Communications, Team Building, Communications, etc.
  • Able To Relate To People At All Levels Of Management And NGOs
  • Managed Teams At Corporate, NGOs &Research, Educational Settings
  • Travelled All Over The World And India
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(Ms.) Arwah Madan (Ph.D)

  • Over 25 Years Of Experience In Teaching and Research
  • Experience With Student Volunteers And Community Outreach Programmes
  • Research and Training Expertise; Eight PhD Awards to Credit
  • Experience with Administrative Responsibilities and Duties
  • Associated with Educational Institutions and NGOs
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Research Collective

Please write to us at theshaktitrust@gmail.com with your ideas / themes that you would like to share. You are requested to present ideas that connect to the Shakti Trust vision broadly.

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