When my kirana walla, (shop which supplies groceries) came to me and showed me his phone, and said “now you can pay my bank, I have Pay Tm>) my eyes opened. Wide. He continued, “I never knew I had so much possible on my phone. Modi has forced me to learn!!!”

Next, on an auto rickshaw, I saw what is now a familiar sign, the logo and barchart for Paytm. I asked him how he found it. “Great. Im not afraid of getting robbed now”…and he laughs!!!!

He turns and says agin “that is the problem with us. We have to be forced to learn.”

Ordinary people. Ordinary lives.

I asked my bai, and she said “ There are problems,yes, but we are getting by. There is more sharing now. If someone got money, they share a little with us and we repay it when we get money.”

Community support structures being strengthened!

Another laughs “its fun to see all these madams standing in the same que as us!!!!”

At a party, everyone discussing just one thing. Men, women…. Never heard the children. Perhaps they were complaining of lack of pocket money.

When was the last time when everyone, in the parties, in theboardrooms, on the sstreets, even reading in the bathroom… all on one topic.

Perfect for the argumentative Indian…

There is very little discussion about the social consequences. The only one I found spoke of the fact that there was not a single case of girl trafficking that month!!

The process of trafficking of women is usually completed by November, after which trafficked women and girls are transported to various parts of the country to be sold to brothels, placement agencies and as child brides. Post demonetisation and the withdrawal of the Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes, this trade, is said to have suffered a significant blow. Typically, the sex trafficking is carried on from Guwahati in Assam, Jharkhand in the North and Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad in the south. There hasn’t been any record of even one girl being trafficked in the past one month. Transactions related to this trade were carried out in cash. With the supply of notes in the economy reduced, people were suddenly left with no liquidity to pay to the middlemen.


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