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ACADEMIC Qualifications:

  • BA Economics (Goa University);
  • MA Economics (Pune University;
  • PhD in Financial Management & QT (Pune University)
  • Topic: “Behaviour of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the Indian Capital Market in the Pre and Post Liberalisation Era”



  • Associate Professor, Economics, St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune-21 years of Teaching experience (1995 to Date)
  • Visiting Faculty, Department of Economics, University of Pune, -subject taught – [Financial Institution and Markets] [Since 2012]
  • Resource person, PhD Coursework, Dept. of Economics, SPPU, Since 2011-12
  • Main Areas of Teaching: Banking Law and Practice, Financial Institutions & Markets, Law and Economics, Microeconomics


  • Controller of Examinations (COE), St. Mira’s College for Girls (Autonomous College, Affiliated to University of Pune) Since 1st August 2011


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  • Barua Nandita Malini & Madan Arwah (2015) “RBI Autonomy And Performance Of Monetary Policy In The Post Liberalization Period: A Comparative Analysis Of The Regime Of Venkitaraman And Rangarajan” International Journal Economics and Research, Mar – Apr 6 Issue 2, 37-48 ISSN: 2229-6158

National- Peer-reviewed

  • Madan Arwah (2013) “Corporate Governance & Investor Protection: A Study of the long-run performance of IPOs with reference to Pre- Issue and Post-Issue Rating” Productivity [Journal of the National Productivity Council, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India] – Special Issue on “Corporate Governance” Oct-Dec, Vol.54, No. 3, Pg.231-237 ISSN:0032-9924 e-ISSN: 0976-3902
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    • Upadhyay Nishant & Madan Arwah (2016) “Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) as the Main Operating Tool of RBI Post Reform Period & Emergence of Formal Interest Rate Corridor” at the State-Level Seminar on ‘Recent Developments in Indian Banking Sector’ organized by Kaveri college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune on Jan 23red, 2016 ISBN: 978-81-926543-0-0
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  • Registration as PhD Guide at University of Pune:
Registered for PhD Submitted Awarded
8 4

*Eight Students are registered for Doctoral Research



  • Joined National Insurance Academy (NIA) as research centre during Teacher Fellowship (2000-2002). Got the opportunity to interact with experts in field of Insurance, Banking & Finance.
  • Minor Research Project (MRP)-“Price Fixation of Equity Issues-CCI v/s SEBI”. University Grants Commission (UGC) Western Regional Office. (1997-1999)
  • Research Associate-Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade, worked on the book “Business Environment in India” authored by the Director Dr. Bs. Ks. Chopra. (1995-1997)
  • Research Associate– Strategic Management Centre, a private consultancy firm, Pune. (Jan-June94).


  • Prepared Course material for Symbiosis Centre for Distance Leaning (SCDL), Pune on the subject “Banking Regulations and Laws” for a two-year -Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (January 2011)
  • Workshop on ‘Understanding the Economic Times” – one week workshop conducted on regular basis to introduce the undergraduate students to reading a business newspaper since 2009
  • UGC-CEC lectures on the subject Economics on the topic ‘Market Structure’ to be telecast on UGC-CEC Vyas Channel were delivered/recorded in the form of four episodes. This is a 40-episode series on micro/business economics with Programme Director Dr. Vasudha Garde, HoD, Economics, BMCC, Pune and Producer Mr. Balkrishna Damle. The recording was done at the EM2RC, Pune on May 16th, 2007




  • Academic and Research Coordinator, St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune 2009-10
  • Programme Officer- National Service Scheme, St. Mira’s College for Girls, 1998-2000


  • Master Trainer, Census of India, 2011
  • Presiding Officer (PRO), General Elections of Legislative Assemblies of Maharashtra, October 13, 2009
  • Polling Officer (Ballot Paper), General Elections, Pune Municipal Corporation, February 10, 2002